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This is something I should of said before but I just always either forgot to say it or something came up to prevent me from doing so. I'm going to stop posting art up on here for awhile. Mostly cause of personal reasons. Though activity will still be active whenever possible on my art blog on tumblr. And my art account on twitter. If you want to follow them to keep up to date with my art and all that jazz, then feel free too.

Thank you all for the support and love on here though. Hopefully if things get better in the future, I'll come back here. But for now, I'm going to just give this place a long needed hiatus. Catch y'all later. 


As its been awhile since I've done voice over demo reels. I'm going to start off fresh. I've already tried out as a new character, Eclipse the Darkling. You can check it out right here if you like.

And a updated Voice Over Demo Reel as Sally Acorn. Which you can listen to as well if you like.

I'm going to try to do new character demo reels and update old ones. I may even consider taking up small Voice Acting roles in projects now too if anyone finds any of my updated versions to fit their needs. Nothing too big yet as I'm still working at my own pace with things. But if they are small roles, then I may consider it if it fits my interest route. As I do have my limits in things.

That's about it from me for now. Thanks for listening if you do and have a good day! :) (Smile) 
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Bout' time I update this place and here I go. I'm going to try to update this account more with my art. No promises on how often but I'm going to do my best.

Now about other things. I want to give a big thank you to all who have supported my voice overs/acting over the past years. Its been a long trip and I am happy to have gotten into the hobby. I'm going to try to update my youtube channel soon with more updated demo reels of past characters. As well add new try outs of me performing new characters from the Archie STH comics. Mini comic dramas will be a thing too, as I really want to try them out again and I hope you all enjoy what is to come soon. Audio levels will be more high quality too as I gained a new and more powerful mic for voice overs. So we'll see how it goes for me.

Perhaps I'll even consider working with others too after this, but I will see in time if I feel I'm ready of course.

If you want to hear recent practice clips I have done though. You can check out my soundcloud here:

More recent clips are here too from my tumblr. So feel free to check them out if you like:…………

That's it for now from me. Hope you all have a good day and love ya all!
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Haven't done one of these in awhile. So let me give you all the load down on what's been going on for me. Well, first off, my microphone is in Mic Heaven/Hell. I have to make due with my headset mic, it's cool but I can't do big voice over projects anymore for awhile. As the mic can be very sensitive to my pronunciation in things. Though I still try to do some small voice overs clips on tumblr and soundcloud.

Drawing for me has been having its up and downs but I believe I'm finally getting back into a steady pace. Most of all after my last drawing that completely still shocks me even now.

Proposal by JessSpeedster

Larger resolution on tumblr where originally posted up.
Heads up
: Will be posting my art there for now on. But will try to keep this place updated with things.

That's pretty much it for this update. So I'll let you cool dudes go now. Have a good day/night and stay awesome!
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As I have a plan to voice over few pages from Sonic Universe. I knew I had to try out voicing as a certain bat. So I gave my best first try out as Rouge for now in this demo reel. The first time I tried voicing her was in a past mini voice over drama shot with Sonic and Shadow involved. You can check it out here.

It has been awhile since I voiced Rouge and decided to give it a shot again and hopefully did some improvement. Though if not, there's always a life time in front of me to keep practicing. Anyway. Here's my voice over demo reel as Rouge the Bat. Thanks for listening!

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I've been wanting to do something like this again for quite sometime. First time I've done something like this, I was just starting off and here's a the example of my past(horrible) starting in voice overing.

Now that, that horrible moment is over. I have to say I really did improve over the time. Became more connected to the characters, the personality and etc. The updated video is basically only characters I felt I could perform alright for now. Here's the list of characters going to be introduced one after another.

  • Blaze the Cat
  • Marine the Raccoon
  • Miles Tails Prower
  • Nicole the Holo-lynx
  • Shard the Metal Sonic
  • Bean the Duck
  • Miles Prower (Anti Tails)
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Elias Acorn
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Amy Rose
  • Rosy the Rascal (Anti Amy)
  • Cream the Rabbit

So yeah, that's it for this crazy update. Thanks for listening, have a good day and keep it real! Catch y'all next time!
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    Finally got the chance and motivation to do a voice over demo reel again and this time I voiced the one and only Nicole the Holo-lynx. Its been awhile since I've done a demo reel but I really think Nicole was the perfect character to get back into the voice over gig. So here it is. My demo reel as Nicole.

    Thanks for listening and have a good day!
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    I decided to give a try out again in voicing another page from Sonic Universe but chose the Shadow Saga this time. Original Panels are these two pages from Sonic Universe: The Shadow Saga, issue #2.

    10 by JessSpeedster
    11 by JessSpeedster
    Then right here is my Voice Over try out for it. All voices done by me. I'm sure I messed up somewhere but eh-we all make mistakes. Sweating a little... 

    Anyways! Thanks for listening and catch y'all next time!
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    This was way past unexpected from me but I tried out as voicing Sally Acorn. This time though, just used my normal voice for a change and this is a new thing for me. Since I'm use to just using different voices that don't even come to close to my original. So yep! If you wanna check the demo reel out. Here it is.

    FYI. It's not that great since I was just nervous with my normal voice but I gave it my best shot. Maybe I'll continue as Sally with my normal voice in the future. Who knows. Sweating a little... Thanks for listening! Catch y'all later!
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    I gave voicing Classic Miles Prowers aka Tails, a try. He was too cute in my opinion and it's tricky to voice a younger version of Tails but highly fun! Here's the video if your curious about it!

    I'm thinking of voicing Classic Sonic, Classic Sally, Classic Rotor(Boomer) and Larry Lynx soon too. At least I have a list of characters to voice again and should be improving more by time.

    Thanks for listening and catch y'all later!
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    I had time to do voice overs finally and decided to do a re-recording of Shard. You can check it out if you like.

    I think he's the easiest male voice I pull off without using much force. Which is cool. I also did a bonus recording scene which is a panel from Sonic Universe #50. I honestly teared up after the session. It just got so emotional with the voices alone and then when the music was added. Talk about a trip to Feels Central. Here's the video if you're curious.

    That's about it for my update on my practice in Voice Overing. Catch y'all later!
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    I finally got around to it and did a Voice Over demo reel as Bean the Dynamite or Duck. It's Bean. The crazy green explosive duck from Archie Sonic! Anyways. I thought I'll post up the vid here for anyone who might be interested.

    Yeah. Its fun voicing him! I honestly tried his voice out many times on tumblr in my voice over clips for fun. Most recent clip is this one. Basically was like random battle cries for Bean. Intro, Winning and Losing.


    But yep! That's about it for now! No idea who else I'll Voice Over as in the future but we'll see. Catch y'all later!
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    Well, for starters. I'm currently fighting a cold which is just annoying. Thankfully I did a Voice Over Demo Reel while I had the chance before it got worse. Though being Bow Sparrow is tough. Was fun trying though!

    Reason I gave Bow, a shot was cause my best pal wanted me to try Rob and after that try out. I fell in love with the Old English style, though. I still have lots of practice to do. Sweating a little...

    If you wanna check out the Rob Voice Over Demo Reel. Here it is~.

    Okay. Voice Over topic done for now. Still trying to improve on drawing. Doing it at a steady pace of course. Cause unlike others, I really hardly have time to draw and its just...killer. Only time I do draw is at way late at night. In times I don't even sleep cause I want to just focus on drawings and Voice Overs. Yeah. Pushing to the limits but I really don't care. Insomnia is already apart of me. Matter as well waste my sleepless hours doing something productive than just lay in bed thinking of what could of been.

    Now...anything else I should talk about before I end this journal? Hmm...right! Started RPing as Sally Acorn. To be truth. I was gonna RP as Alicia Acorn. The Anti Sally. Though, I RP as Elias Acorn and really wanted him to find Sally so I created a Sally blog in just hopes of finally getting the chance to get them connected again. Though, Sally is quite complicated to be truth. Most of all for me. Since RPing female characters is just new to me. I always RP'ed as Male characters since I always saw myself as a pure Tom Boy. I'm female, yes. Though my mind, my heart, my soul. Has always been of a boy. I want to cut my hair in the future. Perhaps go by just Jessie. Since that name is gender neutral. My real name is Jessica, but my nicknames are either Jess or Jessy. Either way. They can both go well with me if I decided to just stick with a male persona. Ahhhh...I went off topic again. Hahaha forgive me.

    Anyways. Yes. Sally Acorn. Complicated start for me. Though I feel after I get comfortable with her. I should be alright. Though I know people don't really like Sally. They see her as a Mary-Sue. Hate her cause she's basically shipped with Sonic in the Archie Sonic series. Though I don't care about shipping. I don't care about relationships for my Sally. I really just want to be a common, tomboy girl. NO ROMANCE okay. Besides...I just don't like the whole romantic thing for Sal. Too much drama...Hate. Its just too much to even handle. Hell. Never knew I'll have my Scourge being with a Shadow Alternate and Amy! So you can imagine how my feelings are. Though I really ship ScourgexAmy and ScourgexShatter. *nervous chuckle*

    But yeah...I really like Sally. I see myself a bit inside of her...though...I never had that older brother in my life that cared about me...or was there when I needed him...So you can imagine how much I look up to Elias. Basically the brother I always wanted but never had. I have bro's but...they are half-siblings...meaning they are from my dad side. Also they are way past older than me. Like in their 40's or so...yeah...I just had a older sister but...she wasn't really the greatest role model for me. I'll...I won't talk about why. Only those close to me will understand what I'm talking about. It's really personal okay.

    I think that's about it for now. So yeah. Fighting a cold. RPing as Sally on Tumblr. Slow but getting there. Still trying to improve on drawings...Voice Overs still happening and all that jazz. I'll let y'all go for now. Till later dudes!

    Scourge27 by JessSpeedster
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    Well! The New Year is here! Yaaaaay *breaks a window with a chair* Nothing big but hell. Its something for a new start. So yeah. Starting the year, already ready to work more on drawings and story plotting to make mini comics involving my RP characters. Which will be tough since I have no experience is comic drawing but that's what I'm hoping to work for and I will learn everything I have to learn to get there!

    Yeah, gonna take business college classes.

    Sonic Characters (144) by JessSpeedster
    Which of course involves math. I am a total fail at math. I mean. I don't even know how I passed the final exams in high school. (Pretty sure my teach felt sorry for me and just let me go.) wish me all the luck my little hedgies.

    Now. Do I have anything special planned for this year? If you must know, soon I'll be getting a decent high powered microphone so I can do more better Voice Over recordings. As well. Am thinking of starting off some mini comic voice over videos? Its been something I've been wanting to do for awhile. Course doing all the voices myself is gonna be tough but I'll do what I can.

    Besides all that. I'm not really going to make much plans for the year. I'm just gonna focus on getting college over with so I can skip right ahead to what I'm really aiming for. Art School. I want to work on comics okay. Don't give a Batman on the Batmobile hell if I gotta do these business courses. I'm still gonna follow my dreams and gonna make them reality!

    Besides...Opening a comic book shop is like Batman slapping me in the face and saying, "WHERE ARE THOSE COMICS YOU'RE MAKING!" Yep. So gonna be drawing while working and all that jazz~.

    That's about it for now, mates! Gotta Run!
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    Well, created a new DA account cause it's been something I wanted to do for a while. So here it is.

    This christmas was pretty okay. We didn't celebrate it since my mom is not really into celebrating the holidays anymore. Though my sister and her kids got me something anyway, which was sooooo unexpected! They got me a art set and its pretty cool. Plenty of pencils and charcoal to work with. So I can improve on my drawings with paper and pencil now. Though I'm more better in digital that I noticed.

    I got my comics that I ordered from Archie Comics. Sonic the Hedgehog of course, and I love them all. Sonic Digest was pretty good. The Sonic Super Special issue #9 was good too. Also got issues of STH #238 to #247. I can't risk the whole subscription thing where I live at. Since mail gets lost a lot here. So I wait till they are in collector sets. More easier in my standards.

    Guess I'll talk about my Voice Overs now. I honestly am thinking I'm improving somewhat. Though I would like to work with others to gain more knowledge and just have fun. Though I don't know anyone I know who likes to Voice Over...or is brave enough to do it with me. I can completely understand if they are scared though. Took me years to actually get the courage to start Voicing and letting my true colors out. So yep.

    My drawings are slowly gaining some improvements too. I learned to shade differently with color structure and trying to get figure work right. As well, going to practice backgrounds too. I'm going to be taking Online business classes art school will have to be put on hold for now. Its sad...I honestly cried about it but...I know that I can still make it to my goal if I believe hard enough. I won't stop drawing of course. Same with Voice Overs. I'll be sure of that.

    Cool thing about business. I could maybe get some tips from art businesses and comic companies. Gain some knowledge, info, and contact with them. I'll be able to learn how to let myself known in the comic book world of business and have a wide range of contacts with different companies too. Yeah, its like a little complicated but its kinda a smart background move. Its like trying to be the next president of some random country. You work on the side lines. See who's who. See what's what and then when the time is right. You know how to make it through. (Ignore my random blabbing on.)

    That's pretty much it for now. So catch y'all later!

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